Simple Tips To Get Perfect Property Photos

Simple Tips To Get Perfect Property Photos

Simple Tips To Get Perfect Property Photos, Photographs are one of the most important parts of a property advert.

People want to see what the property is like, how big it is, if they’re in good habitable condition, and what facilities are available in the property.

The best way to show off your property, and encourage people to view it, is to have good quality photos showing a room that’s been looked after.

With smart phone cameras just as good as the professional photographers camera, we have provided you with some tips on how to take the best photos of your property to let and get the most success from your listing.


An obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many listings go live with unmade beds, cups on the bedside table and messy rooms.

This is the one chance to show off your room or property to its full potential and entice people to come and view it – make sure it looks homely!


It’s hard to take picture of interior spaces. To get a good shot of a room, you’ll often find yourself (literally) backed into corners, or squeezing between furniture to try and get that perfect wide angle shot.

But everything doesn’t have to stay exactly where it is – especially if it’s getting in the way of your photos. Move furniture around or out of the way, get rid of miscellaneous clutter, or shoot through the door frame if you need to! It’s your chance to make the room shine, don’t let anything get in the way. Make the room look welcoming and spacious.


Using natural light is the best way to show off your room or property, but it’s all about timing. If your room is east-facing and gets the sun in the morning, it’s best waiting until mid-afternoon to take photos. This way, there will get less glare from the sun streaming in the windows, and all the assets of the room will be easy to see and the colours will be most natural.

If you can’t take pictures in daylight, use artificial light to make the room brighter. Please, please never rely on the flash if you can help it. It just makes the things in the front of the picture really bright, and the rest really dark – the most unflattering way to photograph a room!


Taking photos at angles, either from above or below, distorts the perception of the shot.

To avoid the room looking smaller or more cluttered than it actually is, and to make sure all its features are highlighted, shoot directly straight into the space.

Most phone cameras have a composition grid viewfinder tool, and you can use this to make sure everything’s aligned well in the shot. Make it so that the wall’s horizontal and vertical lines are aligned within your viewfinder – kind of like a grid.

This technique keeps your photos simple and effective.


Even if you’re just letting out one spare room, show the entire property!

Potential tenants want to see the living space, kitchen, bathroom, garden and exterior just as much as the bedroom: your property is the place they’re potentially going to call home for a while, and they’ll want to see photographs of the whole place before arranging a viewing.


Both of these are integral to a good photo advertisement.

Make sure your photos are as good quality as you can make them, by using the above tips and also making sure you’re using a decent camera or smart phone. It’s important to upload photos in the highest possible resolution and format.

Large, clear pictures will show off the quality of your property.

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