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About iQ Student Accommodation Elgin Place – Glasgow

iQ Student Accommodation Elgin Place – Glasgow

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    Great staff

    Great staff, work really hard to make your stay great. They go above and beyond to help everyone that lives here when they can. Best student accommodation in Glasgow.

    Jonathan Thompson

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    The room is poorly lit and I had to wait 3 months until I got proper heating in my room. Desk space is minimal and as good as the study room looks, it’s not well heated so you need to wear a jacket and there is a massive echo. The balcony is really nice if it’s not closed (which it usually is for different reasons). All of this might have been forgiven, but the one thing that is too annoying is the kitchen with virtually no heating and the need for a key.

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    fab facilities

    Elgin Place is a great place to live, with loads of fab facilities like the gym, amphitheatre and games room! Staff are super helpful, and help with anything that’s bothering us or concerning us! they also do so much for us that they don’t have to, like giving us free food and cleaning our shared kitchen! Fab place to live and would recommend it to anyone moving to Glasgow to study.

    Paul Paul-Enidom 

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    Overpriced, belongings aren’t safe

    Overpriced, belongings aren’t safe, had my bike stolen from a junkie who was able just to walk into the building. IQ didn’t want anything to do with it, a girl had her laptop stolen also. ‘your own fault’ is the attitude of the staff. The handy man is excellent however. speakers don’t work properly in communal rooms and they lock everything by 10pm, find someone else is my advice.

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    great home to stay

    Comfy room and lovely reception girls, bit pricy but offer helps 24/7. If you don’t want to deal with complicated bills&maintenance, iq is a great home to stay.

    Xī Líng

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    Really nice experience

    I’ve lived here for a year, which is a pretty good accommodation. The location is near the city centre and the staffs here are really friendly and helpful. About the studio, it is big and new. Overall, I love this accommodation. Really nice experience.

    Reina Yang

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    not be back!

    Will not be back.

    Within less than a year, residents have had their laptops stolen, their bikes stolen and now the cleaner has taken two bags of clean laundry from the laundry room and binned them. Further to that, there has also been several instances of hobs breaking down throughout the building, signalling that there is a manufacturing fault, yet the management have instead tried to recoup that money off students.

    There is a strict curfew for the social spaces and many of the speakers in said social spaces are faulty and reception are disinclined to fix them.

    Try not to be fooled by the posters outside depicting ‘contents insurance’ or ’24 hour security’ as this too is non-existent. There is one security guard per night covering reception, walk in’s, twelves floors and seven social spaces and sometimes, these guys are even working 14-18 hour shifts.

    Should you have any issues you are instructed to come down and speak to reception. Whilst this may be on the pretence that they can help you quicker, it is instead to absolve them of all responsibility as there is no paper trail.

    The handyman is extremely helpful and will do his utmost to help, however he along with the security guard, has an impossible job. Ironically, given the amount of money Elgin Place charge for rent, you would have thought they would have some spare for extra personnel. The same praise cannot be given to the two women at Reception who are at best, rude, ignorant and extremely unhelpful.

    Ryan Johnston

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    I really enjoying living here

    Having lived in IQ Elgin Place in Glasgow for a year, I really enjoying living here. The staff are very friendly and will provide useful help in any time. Good security and it has lots of events for celebrating, good experience for living here!

    Lin Juncong 

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