About Student Rents

Our Aim

We strive to provide students with the perfect home.

Our Mission

To ensure students find the perfect home whilst studying. We aim to achieve this by providing an easy to use platform, a large selection of accommodation and reducing the amount of time users spend on various platforms, whilst improving the user experience.

Our Story

Student Rents was an idea by co-founder Jamie Stewart whilst trying to find the perfect home during his time attending college. After dropping off his college course to pursue Student Rents, Jamie spent time researching the market and finding the pain points in the industry. Student Rents was founded in July 2020.

Partnering with co-founder Grant MacCusker has helped push Student Rents to achieve great success and the pair have their sights set to become the UK’s number one student accommodation advertising portal.

“the Uber of student rentals”

'We’re a team born out of a passion for customer satisfaction'

The Founding Team Behind Student Rents

Jamie Stewart Student Rents

Jamie Stewart


Grant MacCusker Student Rents

Grant MacCusker


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